Monday, July 30, 2012

Haters Gon' Hate

In my What not to Wears, I talk about what I don’t like to see guys wearing. Not that I really care, because if you want to look like shit, go ahead dude you’ll only make me look better by comparison. But to assuage your fears that I’m a negative nancy, harping on things guys wear because they just need to run to the store or they just want to be comfortable, understand that others across the web feel the same way.

Short Jorts, Tank Tops and Other Horror Stories- this article by Steve Dool of Four Pins. The writers on Four Pins are great, and their stuff cracks my shit UP. If for no other reason, read this for the comedic value.

Put This On piece downplaying trendier tailoring- by Jesse Thorn. Have you figured out I like this guy yet? There’s a reason I read PTO every day.
Justin Bieber blows, but Zac Efron? Dude's legit. Have you even seen 17 Again?

StyleGirlfriend hates on tank tops- tank tops suck. Even more so if you’re totally jacked and you just want to show off your guns. You look like a tool. End of discussion. 
If the StyleGrilfriend isn’t turned on by tank tops, then you’re not impressing anyone. And she's the type of girl you'd want to turn on.

Everyone makes mistakes, and I’m a forgive and forget Christian, so no worries. Brush it off and move on. Just keep in mind that people, of all kinds, really do judge you on what you wear. Try new things, experiment and express yourself, but stay classy for God’s sake.
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