Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thrift Stores & Vintage Tweed

So in this post, I talked about getting a tweed jacket while in Ireland, remember? As it turned out, tweed jackets were expensive. Like 300 euro expensive, which is a lot in American dollars (it’s the economy, stupid). 
As it turns out, I stumbled into a thrift store in downtown Dublin, where I found a Donegal tweed jacket for 24 euro, which is much more my price range. 

One of the employees of a menswear store in Dublin explained to me that this tag is sown into all Donegal handwoven tweeds. I'm not sure about the rate of counterfeiting, as I imagine there is some, but I looked for this tag while thrifting, so I'd at least have something to aim for.

Normally this is the point where I’d start explaining the ins and outs of thrift shopping, but I don’t know dick about thrift shopping. I’ve never done it, and I never really do. So I pulled some helpful articles from around the web if you’re at all interested in thrift shopping. I hear it can be a great place to find awesome pieces.

Put This On- how to thrift for menswear, parts one, two, and three

Put This On- eBay shopping

Put This On, season 2 episode 2 on thrifting, with Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette

A piece from The Style Blogger on his use of vintage pieces

Thrifty Gent's piece on thrifting, with links to parts 1 & 2

I should mention that not only can you find unique pieces at thrift or vintage stores, but often you’ll find quality pieces as well, because in years past, craftsmanship was the name of the game in menswear. Nowadays, companies use cheaper materials and production processes in order to lower their prices and increase their profit. This also means things fall apart faster, requiring you to buy them again, and again, and again. That shit cray. Read this article by yours truly if you don’t believe me.
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  1. Check out a Fist Full of Style he's the tumblr hero of thrifting

  2. I have, but I've never checked it out. Thanks for the recommendation