Friday, July 27, 2012

Irish Tweed: Part 2

Okay, so remember this post where I talked about Irish tweed? And I said I’d visit some stores, then clue you in on how it went? Well I did. The stores were amazing. Awesome selection, great, and I’m talking great pieces, helpful staff…..but expensive. Like fucking expensive.
In the interest of building trust with my readers, I’ll be completely open. I have $4000 to my name. Granted, that’s more than some people, but that’s about half of what I owe in tuition (which is due in two weeks. Fuck). So as much as I’d love a great tweed jacket, or an awesome Irish linen sport coat, 250-300 euro ($307-368) is a bit much. I love menswear, but I also love food. And rent. And the occasional hooker. 
That’s not to say the experience alone wasn’t worth the trip to these stores. The staff was very friendly and helpful, and like I said, the selection was great. These both were those classical menswear stores where you walk in and immediately feel comfortable. The selection was both classic and modern; nor frilly bullshit with embroidered skulls or bedazzled seams. Check out their pictures below:

More news as it develops, and it will, because I’m buying a tweed jacket before I leave here,

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