Monday, July 2, 2012

Guest Post at Restart Your Style

What’s up with it?
As you know, your boy is running heavy in the #menswear game, and that’s why this week, I’ve been lucky enough to drop a guest post for Robert over at Restart Your Style. If you’re into my site, I highly recommend checking out RYS. The mantra is, “Cut through the bullshit, get back to basics and reinvent your wardrobe.” Dude’s writing a bible on how to jumpstart your personal style if you’re completely new to the game. Robert, like me, feels that many menswear/style websites are too advanced, focusing on nuanced looks without really defining the fundamental basics. That’s exactly what he aims to do.
So today, breeze on over to my post on his site, and show some love by clicking around and exploring. My guess is that most of my readers will benefit from, or at least enjoy, what Robert has to say. And don't forget to CLICK HERE to read my post.

Much love international playboys & playgirls,

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