Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Warby Parker: Part 2

This weekend I finally, FINALLY made it to the eye doctor to re-up my prescription so I could place my order with Warby Parker (you may remember my write-up on them here in April). 
While at the doctors, I perused their selection of glasses. I was already pretty much set on ordering through Warby Parker, but being the intelligent consumer I like to think I am, I checked out what my doctor was offering. First, it wasn’t much. The men’s section of glasses was abysmally small. I think I’ve seen more options on a turning rack at a gas station. Second, each pair was at least $150. 
Forget that. I’ll stick with paying $95 for a pair I actually like and want. I placed my order with Warby on a Friday, and opted to have them get my prescription from my eye doctor. One week later, my new glasses were in hand.

Oh, and not only did I get a new pair of glasses, but so did someone in need. And there’s my good deed for the month.
More news as it develops,


  1. Excellent. I am planning on purchasing from WP as well, seeing as how their deal & selection is unbeatable. I had some questions I emailed them about & they were very helpful & even suggested several frames based on a picture of my face/current frames.

  2. My experience with them was great, both in product and customer service. I highly recommend them