Monday, May 7, 2012

Welcome to Graduation

Good Morning Kickdrums Remix, by Kanye West (ft. Big Sean)

Good morning. Summer is here. And to anyone graduating this year, congrats! Welcome to the real world! It’s a ton of fun. (Just kidding. If you have time, try to fail some classes and stay in college as long as you can.)
For many, it’s finals week. And, for many, that also means a frumpy wardrobe, highlighted by athletic shorts, sweatpants, and raggity t-shirts you might have gotten for playing soccer in high school six years ago. 

These are appropriate if you're at home and you live alone, although they probably won't help that situation.
However, it doesn’t have to be so. One of the most important reasons you can start dressing well is to be taken seriously and to make a good impression on people. If you’re dressed well, not only will you be more confident, but others will notice too, fueling the fire of confidence and inspiration. You know why I wear a suit to an interview? It’s not for the job, because I don’t need it. It’s so I can ask out the secretary. Wouldn’t it be great to walk into your biggest final dressed to impress, knowing that not only you look damn good, but also that every cute girl is thinking the same thing? That test won’t stand a chance. 
If you look good for the test, the test will look good for you (although, you can use this phrase and swap out the word “test” for almost any occasion). Here are some put-together looks that’ll keep you comfortable during the exam, without saying, “I was up all night studying.” Because even if you were, you don’t want people to know that. 

Indian Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt in Bryn Plaid, J.Crew, Cotton Short by Banana Republic 
Just bought this shirt, lightweight, nice colorway. I like it, so if you live near me, don't buy it. Otherwise I'd recommend.

Irish Linen Gingham Shirt by J.Crew, Red Chambray Club Short by J.Crew 

Pinpoint Shirt Lightweight Shirt by J.Crew, Lightweight Chino Club Short by J.Crew

More news as it develops, 


PS- the clothes here are lightweight and breathable, perfect for a hot and humid summer. Next week I'll post a short discussion of fabrics and weaves that are ideal for summer, because nothing says Midwest like 90 degrees & humid.

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