Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Warby Parker Glasses

I’ve rocked contacts since about the 5th grade, when glasses were just no longer comfortable on my face (that, and I was at the age where I was trying desperately to fit in, and anything that made me look like a nerd had to go). I had never looked for a new pair until now.  
Glasses have resurged in a big way, and in a number of styles. If you wear contacts you know that sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing them, and it’s nice to fall back on a casual pair of glasses (rather than bluff your way through a day of pretending to recognize the blurry outlines of your friends). In my search for a new pair, I stumbled upon Warby Parker. Stylish frames for $95 a pair (with free shipping and returns), plus they donate a pair to someone in need for each pair they sell. What’s not to like?
The ultimate kicker is that they’ll send you up to five pairs, free of charge, to try on at home for a few days. This was the best part, because you can see how the frames look on you (an important aspect of any Internet shopping experience), but it also gives you a chance to wear them for a while, to make sure they’re comfortable (my old glasses used to kill my nose and give me a terrible headache. See? I was a nerd). 

Decide on your pair, send ‘em back, and place your order with the real prescription. Then you’ll get your glasses soon, and so will someone who needs a pair to live life to the fullest. How sweet is that?
PS- a great feature of Warby Parker is that, if you don’t know your prescription, they’ll call your doctor and get it for you, which is nice because glasses prescriptions are more complicated then I thought a prescription could be.

PSS- In no way was I paid or compensated by Warby Parker to write this. I don't even think they know about it. But if you guys read this and want to send me something, who am I to say no?
More news as it develops,


  1. i just ordered my first pair after doing the home try on program. i am very very happy with the pair i choose and i can't wait to get them! i'm obsessively checking my account to see when they say "shipped." i should cut them some slack. i ordered them this past friday and it's only wednesday. anyway, i love this company. i, too, have worn contacts nearly exclusively since 13 years old and only put on my glasses when i'm home or sick. with these, i actually plan to wear them very often. they are that nice and funky, too.

    1. I wouldn't worry about the shipping date just yet, I'm sure they've got to cut lenses and fit the frames properly. But yes, I am in the same boat as far as contacts go, so I'm looking forward to actually wearing a pair of these more often.