Friday, May 18, 2012

What Not to Wear vol.6

Gentlemen. It’s a mantra I’ve oft repeated in a variety of forms. How you dress sends a message about who you are and the values you represent. 
When you wear a suit, you give off an air of, “I’m here to do business,” even if you’re not. Right now I’m wearing a swimsuit, styled from the mid-60s, a Hawaiian, Tommy Bahama shirt, and white Chuck Taylors. The message I’m sending is something like, “I’m here to party,” or “Weekend at Bernie’s.” But I’m also drinking a rum drink out of a coconut and about to actually go to a party, so I’m kind of spot-on.
You don’t always have to dress up, because there’s a way to dress down the middle, looking put together without overly stuffy. Even I threw on shorts and a madras button down before running to buy the rum & coconut.
Yes, I saw someone wearing these.

I don’t know why Crocs were invented. I don’t really care frankly, because I can’t see any justification for wearing these shoes, let alone owning them. When I see a grown man wearing Crocs, I start to wonder about him. What was he thinking in buying these, and more importantly, what does that say about other life decisions he’s making? No one will take you seriously if you’re in Crocs. Even camo ones. 

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  1. Couldn't have said it any better! It's beyond me how these things caught the least bit of traction. I mean in terms of convenience, don't get me wrong, the bustling busy mother of 5 looking for a shoe to slip on to go pick the kids up from practice may benefit from these. BUT Bro Tip #349 states if you are a real man, PLEASE do not wear crocs. Even hardcore badass camo ones...and no i don't care if you're actually hunting. -Ridg

    Ryan Ridgway | Founder |