Friday, May 4, 2012

Investing in Clothing: A Finale

As a second to Wednesday’s post, where I emphasized that buying smart meant buying quality products, I also want to point out that buying smart means taking value into consideration. There is no point in investing in a high-quality, expensive piece if it’s just going to get beat up. You wouldn’t buy a Rolls Royce to use on a cattle ranch, would you? You have to be practical, and consider what you’re going to use the piece for. Is it for work everyday, or something you’ll only need now and then? 
For example, I currently own a pair of Cole Haan dress shoes (brown, of course). They're a mid-range quality shoe, and that’s reflected in the price (I think I paid around $150). However, they’re by no means ugly, and they’re perfectly suitable for my current use. 

Here they are, as seen in this post.
As it stands, I’m only wearing these shoes maybe 12 times a year, so they’re getting considerably less wear and tear than normal. Typically you can find me in a pair of sneakers or suede bucks, which fit my personal style much better. Add to that the fact that I’m a poor, desperate grad student who can’t afford Aldens right now, and (I think I can say) the Cole Haans were a smart buy. Decent quality for the amount paid, and they’ll last me as long as I need them (until I need/can afford something else). Plus, shoes like these can generally be found on sale or deep discount. That’s buying smart. 
So, in an ultimate response to my disgruntled reader, yes buying a >$1,000 watch can be silly. It makes no sense to spend so much on a watch if you: A. Can’t afford it, or B. Are in a situation where it makes no sense to own (like say, you’re an Army Ranger. Or a sewer inspector, if that’s a real job). However, it can be a practical purchase, not only in an investment sense (which I described Wednesday), but also if you’re trying to upgrade your style and get noticed (Style Girlfriend listed 15 reasons why this is a good idea, if you needed convincing). Or hell, maybe you’re like Jay and I, and you just like watches. 

So many watches, he needs eight arms. I'd need two, maybe.
Hope this helps too, and thanks for reading it all,

PS-don't forget there are certainly times when you should be buying cheap stuff, as poignantly pointed out here. If you spend over $15 on a t-shirt, you're a dick.

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