Friday, June 1, 2012

Reader Questions

It’s Friday, and the weekend’s coming. I’ve been sitting on some reader questions I’ve received and answered, so I thought I’d share a few for some light reading to help you get through work. 

I have a few tye-dye shirts I’ve bought on vacations and other things over the years, but it seems like a shame to throw them all out. Is it ever acceptable to wear tye-dye?
Absolutely. At a beach-themed costume party. Or maybe Halloween.

PS- donate your old clothes, don’t just throw them out.

How old are you?
Creepy. But I’ll give you a hint. I can legally drive, smoke cigarettes, buy alcohol, and rent a car. Does that narrow it down?

I want to pull off white jeans, but I don’t want to look like a Miami drug lord. Any advice?
White jeans are a good late-spring/summer pant option, weather providing. I’ve always stayed away from white pants because I get them dirty way too easily, and stained pants aren’t a good look for me. But props to you for trying, and it’s pretty easy to stay away from this:

Just follow your standard rules for jeans and add some color on top and bottom (don’t get too matchy though). Peep these shots from Park & Bond.

Where do you come up with post ideas?
There’s a quote from Calvin & Hobbes somewhere that goes, “Creativity isn’t like a faucet. You can’t just turn it on and off.” That’s kind of true. Some days I can’t write worth crap. Other days, I can’t stop, even when I need to be doing something else. Usually I find something so thought-provoking, it gets me going enough to write about. Like right now, I should be studying for a test. But instead, I’m answering this email. It’s because I care.

Have a good weekend, 

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