Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FREE iTunes Gift Card Giveaway

Okay, so here’s the deal. As most of you know, I’m fairly new to the blog game, and I’m constantly doing whatever I can to grow and spread the word. 
Last week, I got a $20 coupon in the mail from Sunglass Hut. I gave it away to one lucky and loyal reader, in return for helping to spread the word about my work. It was quick, it was easy, and yes, I actually did give away something for free. No bullshit. No gimmicks. I even drove it to the person, because I am that nice. (Not really, it just happened to be sort of on the way to where I was going.)

Yes, I misspelled Sunglass Hut. But....
I did actually have a coupon, see? 
So guess what kiddos? I’m doing the same this week. Summer is starting, people are graduating. Wouldn’t it be nice to start it all off by winning something fo’ free from your favorite online blogger? The answer is yes. I’m giving away a $15 iTunes gift card to one lucky person. I can snail-mail, email, tweet, connect via MySpace or Xanga, or even AIM you (I still actively use all of these things). 

ALL I’m asking in return is that you help spread the word about me. Send me a generous tweet. Tell your friends about me on Facebook. Invite me out on a date and offer to pay. Just send a screenshot my way ( and I’ll put your name in the pot. I’ll choose a winner this Saturday and that person will have instant access to $15 worth of iTunes money (Or I guess you could just turn around and sell it, if you want me to mail it to you. I don’t really care what you do with it. IT’S YOURS, YOU LUCKY DOG.)
Thanks for reading, and thanks for participating,
More news as it develops,
PS- I’m asking for at least 50 participants before I actually pick someone. So tell your friends, because the shuttle won’t launch until we hit capacity.

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