Friday, April 6, 2012

What Not to Wear vol. 4

I decided to walk to class today for the first time in awhile. I regretted it immediately (too far, too hot, too sunny, not enough hot babes). But look what I saw!

Jean shorts. Jean shorts?! Yes, jean shorts. Because in one of those epic blunders in menswear history, someone said to himself, “Hey. Jeans are cool. I bet jean shorts would be even more cool!” (or probably something even more idiotic than that). And some people, some naive, helpless people, liked the idea.

Sorry for the weird angle. It's hard to snap a pic with your phone without looking like a creeper.

DO NOT wear jean shorts (or jorts as they are often called, in order to make fun of them and describe them all in one word). There is no reason to wear jean shorts. They aren’t more comfortable and they sure as hell aren’t better looking than anything else you could be wearing. Wear regular shorts, preferably bermudas (you know, the dressy looking kind that aren’t cargo shorts). With low-top Chuck Taylor’s and a t-shirt (albeit it looks kind of ill-fitting), this outfit wouldn’t have been half bad. Jean shorts though are an automatic no-go. (No one gets laid in jean shorts. Trust me.)
More news as it develops,

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