Monday, April 23, 2012

Hari Mari Sandals

For those of you who didn’t know, yesterday was Earth Day, a day Wikipedia describes as “a day to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment.” You want to talk eco-friendly? Let’s talk Hari Mari, a new brand of flip flops launched earlier this year.

Hari Maris are made with recycled rubber, reprocessed foam, and sustainable (and biodegradable) hemp. That means their eco-footprint is tiny compared to the statement you’ll make wearing them. Hari Maris are different from any flip flop I’ve seen in their bright white sole and two-tone straps in a variety of colors. Don’t want to be another guy wearing a pair of Rainbow sandals? (You know I’m big on doing your own thing) Try the orange, green, or blue to stand out from the crowd. But remember, a statement piece stands on its own. You can rock an orange sandal as long as the rest of your outfit is toned down. 

I went with crimson and blue.
Not to mention the fact that they are comfortable. I mean really comfortable. I’ve worn leather flip flops. I’ve worn rubber flip flops. I’ve even worn the cheap plastic kind you’d only wear in a public shower. Nothing compares to the Hari Maris though. As far as flip flops go, they’re the comfiest I’ve worn yet. That recycled rubber and reprocessed foam makes for a soft bed to lay your foot on, which molds to the shape of your arch the more you wear it. 

Another important factor is Hari Mari’s straps. Some previous flip flops I’ve owned had straps that dug into my feet, grating against my foot and making the things unbearable (hence a short, but ill-advised Croc phase). Not so with Hari Maris. I’ve worn them lounging around the house for about a month now with no problems. The nylon straps and hemp footbed are soft, and getting softer with each wear.   

Still not sold? Three dollars from every pair goes to Cook Children’s health care to help kids with pediatric cancer. So this summer you can fork over another $40 for another plain pair of brown leather sandals (which, by the way, don’t mix well with water. Or sweaty feet). Or you can grab a new pair of sandals you’ll actually wear outside of the pool, plus you can give something back. It’s for the kids. 

More news as it develops,


  1. nice work nick!! as an advocate for children i applaud your effort and info!!
    i missed where i could purchase these "thongs" oops flip flops..i'm dating myself

  2. Haha yes, no one has called flip flops "thongs" since Sisqo's one-hit wonder in 2000. The link to their website is up top in red (any font in red is a hyperlink). But it's also right here, for your convenience:

    Hope this helps,