Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Along with my last spring post here, another thing you should be considering as the season turns is how to properly store your clothes. You won’t be needing that thick-knit cardigan when it’s 80 and humid, so stow it away during the warmer months.
Things to consider:
-What won’t you need? A lightweight cotton sweater may see some use in the spring (if it’s in a bright color). That thick one you’d wear to get the mail in a blizzard? Stow it.

Sidenote: if you didn’t wear it all winter, consider donating it. What are the real chances you’ll wear it next year?
You won't ever need this, except for an 80s theme party.
-Cleanliness is next to Godliness: Don’t stow dirty clothes! Stains can set it, bacteria can thrive, and worst of all, bugs can grow. You dropped big money on those cashmere sweaters, so take the effort to protect them. Clean anything that’s dirty, dry anything that’s damp, and expose it all to some sunlight for awhile to dry it all out and kill anything that’s left.
-Fold properly: Always fold sweaters, because they’ll sag on a hanger and soon be ruined. 

-I like to store my things in a plastic tub. It’s cheap and effective, like my vodka. Throw in some cedar chips to help maintain “freshness” and to help ward off insects, then toss the thing in a cool, dry place.

-Don’t forget to shake it: Take things out from time to time, letting them breathe in the sunlight to help keep away insects the whole season long.
You’re done. Way to go champ!
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