Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Women Dream of Men in Suits

Another guest post! This time from Tonya Vrba, another midwest girl who, like me, is tired of people like GQ characterizing midwest menswear as "relaxed fit" (though to be fair it wasn't GQ themselves, but they didn't really defend us either). Check out her post below:
Once upon a time, in a land far away, men dressed to the nine for the simple honor of handing young women roses. Actually, that happened at the University of Iowa. Every girl swooned over the men and wanted a flower of their own. What the men did was ingenious and it all had to do with style.
The flowers these men handed out were not real. Of more importance was the delicate note attached to each one. The note reminded women to be wary of their health and check for breast cancer. It also included the contact information for a local clinic where they could go for more information. While these flowers bore an important message, they could have advertized anything.  Women would have still came just for the smile and the flower. The men, with their boxes of notes, ran out within a couple short hours.

What is it that attracted women of all ages to discover what the men were up to? Barney Stinson may have something there when he declares that women are attracted to men in suits. While this is certainly true, there is something much more important. No matter who you are or what you have in your closet, you have the most important style accessory – your smile.
That tough guy look may work on your guy friends, but seriously, nothing is more attractive than a big smile. Smile big, use your teeth and be excited. Your smile says so many things that your clothes cannot. It expresses happiness, excitement and interest as well as showing off your confidence. There is nothing more attractive.

When the situation presents itself, do everyone a favor and wear a suit. There are many different kinds colors and fabrics. If the choices overwhelm you, remember you can never go wrong with a white dress shirt underneath. 
To really amp up your attractiveness, find a tie that matches your eyes. This will make them appear to shine when you smile and talk to those around you. You may have to play with different shades of colors, but you will know when you find it. Face a mirror and hold two ties up by your eyes. Choose the one that makes them pop.

Last comes the suit itself. Black is a good choice, along with grey. If you choose a dark blue suit, make sure the color of your tie doesn’t clash. When you walk out dressed to the nine, say these words to yourself: Bond, James Bond.  If Mr. Bond could smile, he’d have twice as many women falling to his feet.
Where ever you go, you will get the kind of looks you want. Keep smiling and hold your head high knowing you look pretty suave for a Midwestern guy.

Author BioTonya Vrba is a passionate writer. Her work has been published in newspapers and blogs. She writes frequently about health, career and dating issues. Tonya currently writes with The Online Dating Site Blog. Learn more about her work at her personal website.

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