Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Getting Hot, So Take Off Your Clothes

It’s spring, though it feels like summer. As the temperature rises, try taking off some clothes. You’ll cool down (temperature) while becoming more cool (like the football players and cheerleaders in high school) at the same time. So try going sockless. It’s a chic look that does well on just about anybody. Plus when it’s summer and you’re rocking shorts, you don’t want your feet to be looking like this:

Penny Loafers by Sperry Topsider
And especially not this:

Sandals by J.Crew
If you just can’t fight the feeling and you need some cotton to keep your toes in check, try some no-show socks like this to still achieve the look:
Available at J.Crew
Calves by my gym and I
Your feet will thank you (just make sure to use shoe trees so your shoes can thank you too).

PS- check out this very informative article by Derek from Put This On for more. Put This On is a great site if you're at all menswear oriented, but especially if you're into classical menswear or the process of tailoring/manufacturing.
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