Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Simple Importance of a Tailor

Before I was interested in menswear, I considered a trip to the tailor a process reserved only for the most formal of wear. I’m talking suits, tuxedos, etc. Sport shirts, chinos, and jeans, all inexpensive in comparison, seemed unworthy of tailoring. I mean really, who tailors jeans? Add to that the fact that many technological advancements have so greatly reduced prices in various industries, it can sometimes be cheaper to just throw something out and buy brand new. As such, a billowing shirt or ill-fitting pair of pants would often be relegated to the donation bin, and I’d be off to the store in search of something better. This was before I was paying my own bills, mind you.

If this is at all similar to your line of thinking, I’d HIGHLY recommend rethinking your strategy. In the past year I’ve had several casual pieces tailored, from sweaters to shirts to jeans (yes, jeans), and I have yet to be dissatisfied with the results. Recently I took in a pair of chinos that I’d always found to be too long, with leg openings just a touch too wide for my taste. I’ve got thunder thighs, and while I prefer my jeans straight-legged and not skinny, the necessity of sizing up to accommodate my torso leaves leg openings disproportionately big (again, this is all just my personal preference on how I prefer my pants to lay). Long story short, the tailoring process cost around $35. Essentially I paid $35 for a new pair of pants, instead of having to go shopping for a new, similar pair at retail price. Never mind the fact that the pants are now flattering in their fit, which means they look better on me, so I'll actually wear them.

If you’ve got any pieces in your closet like this, try taking them to a tailor. There are generally a few tricks up any good tailor’s sleeve, and while someone with a background in textiles might be able to best explain what can and can’t be done, I’ve never had a problem approaching my tailor and asking for an opinion. Sometimes not much can be done, or the alterations would in fact be more expensive than buying a new garment. C’est la vie. 

Thanks for reading. KC’s Fashion Night Out is this Thursday night, and I’ll be there. Drinks are on me.


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