Tuesday, September 11, 2012

KC Fashion Night Out In Review

KC’s Fashion Night Out. Fairly legit, if I say so myself. There was food, drinks, great deals at stores, live music, hot babes….what more can you ask for? 

The Plaza gave me $100 to spend at any store, and spend I did. I visited a lot of good places. Halls, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Standard, and others, plus a few bars along the way (you know how we ball) (link to ti song what you know). The selections were great, as were the new fall lineups. Frankly I was impressed with a lot of stuff, and I wanted to buy much of it. But with $100 handed to me, I felt compelled to splurge on something different. I couldn’t justify spending the money to blog about sport shirts or knit ties. I mean, what would I say later? This shirt is just like every other shirt I own, but in a different pattern. Or, this is a knit tie. I will wear it with a dress shirt, probably on a formal occasion. That shit boring dude.

I was in the market for a new raincoat option, because my waxed canvas one got destroyed this summer. So splurge I did. I figured $100 towards a new statement piece like a raincoat would go a long way towards getting a good one. Little did I know I’d get damn near the whole thing.

After the first few stores, I wasn’t particularly impressed. Like I said, there was great stuff, and if I had the money I would have been prompted to buy a lot more. But I wanted something shit-your-pants-cool to blog about, and I’m poor. 

Banana Republic was up next, and the few options I saw when first walking in had me enthusiastic. Nothing I loved, but it was a good sign. Working my way towards the back of the store, I found this lightweight peacoat

It’s 70% nylon and 30% cotton, so I’m expecting it’ll be good come the rainier months this fall. And while it’s light enough to wear as a wind breaker before it gets too terribly cold, it’s still dressy enough (in my opinion) that it makes a statement by itself. The peacoat styling lets you throw it on over a sweater/OCBD combo, or a v-neck t-shirt with jeans. I’m pumped to give it more of a go as the weather cools down. 

Plus, the jacket retails at $150, but at BR on the Plaza, they had a deal where I could donate to an AIDS charity and receive 25% off. After donating (which I am always into charitable causes, especially AIDS research as this hits close to home for me), I had spent a total of $131, which got reduced to $31 thanks to the generosity of Ms. Kara Lowe of the Country Club Plaza. $31 for a new coat? I’ll take it. 

So that’s that. KC Fashion Night Out. I’m glad (and a little proud dammit) that KC can say it’s on the same footing, FNO-wise, as cities like NY and London. It was cool to be able to tweet to other bloggers about FNOs in their respective cities (because that’s how I get my rocks off these days, sadly). For once, I felt like a true #menswear blogger. 

(The invite to write about Fashion Night Out inflated my ego like a blowup sex doll in a frat house).

More news as it develops, and keep a look out next week for a new style blog at the University of Kansas (my alma matter), that I’m excited to spread the word about,


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