Friday, August 31, 2012

KC's Fashion Night Out & Justin Bridges, Tucked Style

Next Thursday is KC’s Fashion Night Out. And I’ll be there. Got an official invite to an actual fashion event. Movin’ on up. You can read all the boring details here, but the important shit is this: Thursday 9/6 at the Plaza, 5-10 pm (although chances are I’ll get sloppy drunk and stay much longer than anyone wants). 

So there’s that. I’ve got $100 to spend and subsequently blog about. You know I’m all about free money (or anything free really), so I’ll be there chatting it up with bigwigs, nonchalantly name-dropping people I’ve heard of (but never met) who live in NYC. 

Speaking of people in NYC, I’ve been interning for Tucked Style, the brainchild of Justin Bridges. Dude was just mentioned by Rachel Seville as one of the most eligible bloggers of 2012, for you ladies out there tryna get sum. Check out his website, and especially his photography, which I’m a big fan of. I’ll drop some below. 

That's Justin.

All photos copyright of Justin Bridges, from Tucked.


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