Friday, September 28, 2012

Gap x GQ Collection

As I sit in class right now, currently ignoring what my professor is babbling on about, I figured now would be as good a time as any to do a write-up on the Gap x GQ collection that drooped yesterday. Don’t worry about my class, it’s about business, and I’ve seen “The Wire,” so I know how to hustle. (Secret - money over bitches, every time.)

If you haven’t seen/heard, GQ’s group of Best New Menswear Designers in America have teamed up with the Gap in a collaboration, taking the designers’ inspirations and making them available (in quantity and price) to the masses. The Style Girlfriend had a post today about how these sorts of collabs are nice because they allow for that high-fashion inspiration, but at normal people prices. I totally agree. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of the Gap because I found their sizing to not be quite right for me. Medium was a tad too small, large was a tad too big. But that’s no knock on the Gap, because it’s a pretty reliable place for menswear basics (as far as retail chains are concerned, which are pretty much my only local source of clothing). 

This collaboration though aims to inject a little life into the Gap’s styling. I have yet to deal with anything up close and personal yet, and I hope to this weekend, but I recommend checking it out. There’s some good stuff at good prices, and shit if the fit is there, why wouldn’t you snatch it up? Below are my picks from each designer’s collection:

BLK DNM's slim fit jeans - $98
Ian Velardi's city blazer - $138

Mark McNairy's chambray shirt - $68

Ovadia & Sons shawl cardigan - $85

Saturdays NYC's waxed field jacket - $128

Saturdays NYC's oxford shirt - $60
Yeah, Saturdays NYC got two picks. I'm currently on the hunt for a pale blue OCBD, and I think this might take the cake.

Todd Snyder's patch crewneck - $58

Of course, there's other stuff there that might suit your fancy.



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