Monday, September 24, 2012

Everlane Backpack Review & Style on the Hill

I’m feeling hungover and prophetic (probably because the hangover is silencing all my non-egotistical brain cells), so I thought I’d write today. If you can call this writing.

Some things: First, a review of Everlane’s backpack. Ok, so awhile ago I bought one of Everlane’s backpacks. I was impressed with the look/styling of them when they first came out, but I just wasn’t ready. They sold like hotcakes (which is a dumb as fuck saying, because nobody sells hotcakes, which are actually pancakes), so I missed out on the first round. Then I think they had a second round, which I actually went as far as to “add to my cart” (which is like 3rd base in the shopping realm). But again, they sold out really, really fast, so I missed my chance. (If they didn’t have a second release of the backpacks, then this story applies to the first round and I just can’t remember right. Point being, I missed out). 

Finally, they were back again in August. I, like a true nerd, woke up early just so I could get one. In retrospect, waking up early to shop online is probably the lamest thing I’ve ever done and I want to kick myself in the nuts for doing it. BUT, I got this sweet backpack out of the whole deal.

The site says Khaki Green, but it's definitely more of a slate gray.

These are pictures from Everlane. I’m using them, as opposed to my own, because I neither own a camera nor an iPhone. In fact, the camera on my cell phone barely works, and it takes pictures with quality worse than the JFK assassination video. Seriously, it’s shit. But I’m poor. 

On first receiving the backpack, I was very happy. I like the styling, the stitching, the fabrics, and especially the leather components (drawstring, zipper closure things, etc.). It’s been well suited to my lifestyle trekking to and from campus, and from that end, it’s held up well. Law school requires a lot of books, big books, and schlepping them around all day hasn’t seemed to take a toll on this backpack. Time will tell on that I guess, but so far it’s held up. I was even walking home the other night when it started raining, and not only did my stuff inside stay dry (nod to the nylon interior lining), the outside seemed unaffected as well (nod to the waxed canvas exterior). So hats off to Everlane. Good backpack, good quality, good price. So far I’m very impressed with this brand, and personally I’ll keep hitting them up. If you haven’t checked them out, I recommend doing so

In other news, a fellow student at KU has started a blog called “Style on the Hill.” Its mission “aims to reflect the student body’s style and attitude at the University of Kansas through street style shots on campus.” I love when my alma mater can rep hard, but I also love when the fashionable people of the Midwest can shine. We have to flex people. This isn’t NY, where I imagine street style photos abound, and even the Italian butcher on the corner wears Luciano Barbera or some ridiculous shit. I don’t even know a butcher. THAT’S HOW BACKWARDS THE MIDWEST IS. 

Photos from Style on the Hill

This guy has so much swag, I want to kill myself for not having that much swag.

Button the top button though, not the bottom one. C'mon son.


P.S. - Everlane doesn’t pay me to write this stuff or anything. This is how I actually feel. Belie dat. 


  1. You are so funny (in not a corny kinda way). I found you in my quest for reviews of the Everlane backpack but i end up wanting to read about your life in the midwest campus more. You are a great writer. You keep your readers interested.

    Thanks for making my sardine packed commute to work somewhat enjoyable.

  2. You're welcome. Thanks for the love. Respek.