Friday, August 17, 2012

Black Helmet Apparel

I’m not a fan of wallets in general. Mostly, I don’t trust banks, so I’m always heavy on cash and a money clip fits my lifestyle a little better. BUT, I’m not a style dictator, and I’ve been introduced to an actual wallet I can get behind.

Check out Black Helmet Apparel, or rather, check out their wallets. They come in a tri-fold or bi-fold option, and what’s really cool is that they’re made from decommissioned bunker gear. So the wallet I’m smelling right now as I type (don’t ask me why I’m smelling it, but it smells like leather if you were wondering) was actually used fighting fires. 

Made in the USA, the innards are composed of black leather, stitched together to create various pockets for your cards, IDs, and what-have-yous. There’s also the Black Helmet logo mean muggin’  you from the middle.  

Oops, sorry wrong picture.
There we go.

In the back, there’s divided storage for cash. For the most part, it’s your standard wallet, but what I really like, and what sets it apart, is the canvas exterior and safety stripe (is that what they’re called?) I mean, the thing looks and feels like it was used to fight fires. I had it in my pocket and I felt stronger, ballsier, like a fireman. Or at least I made jokes about hoses all night. 

And, because I can always get down behind charitable organizations, you can believe I was turned on by the fact that a portion of all Black Helmet sales are donated to The Fallen Firefighters Association, assisting the families of these departed heros. If you’re in the market for a wallet, check out the options at Black Helmet.

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All pictures from Black Helmet Apparel, which sent me one of their tri-fold options for free. Can you belie dat?

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