Friday, August 10, 2012

Lands' End Canvas

I know that in the past I’ve talked about how you should splurge on some good, quality stuff when you can, and I still agree with that. But there is a time when you can’t. I recently got my tuition bill and DAMN SON I am broke. I like menswear, but I also like food, and a bed. 

Keeping in mind I’m a man of the people, and I can’t afford all the bougie shit, I’m keeping my ears to the ground for good buys. I think I may have gotten one here. Peep this shit:

Okay, so at the beginning of summer, Lands’ End Canvas was having a big sale. Like a great one, or at least good enough that the low prices suckered me in to two purchases for things I didn’t really need, but I was like, “What the hell?” I don’t advise this line of thinking, but lay off me I’m not perfect.

I was nervous for a few reasons, one being I’ve never worn/tried on anything from LEC, so I wasn’t sure about the sizing. This is always something to consider if it’s your first time buying online from a company. Secondly, although I had heard good things about LEC’s quality at its price point, I’ve never handled any of their stuff myself. So I was taking a risk, but that’s what I’m here for. Let me take the risks, and you can learn from my mistakes.

The first purchase was this plaid poplin shirt. It was on sale for $20, and for $20? I mean fuck me, I’ll take my chances. Plus, after doing some research on Lands’ End (which you should always do some online research before pulling the trigger on something you’ve never dealt with), I was more confident. LEC is a subsidiary of Sears, and apparently Sears is pretty open about allowing you to return stuff in store. I called my local Sears just to double check, and the person assured me I could return the purchase (even though it was on sale, and usually all sales are final. BUT, I conveniently left that part out). 

Also, I was able to find that LEC’s sizing is pretty similar to J.Crew, a company I’m familiar working with. I’m a medium at J.Crew, so I went with a medium at LEC and the fit is pretty much the same. Any difference is negligible, at least on me. 

The quality seems fairly good. On the one hand, I got it for $20 so I wasn’t expecting anything fantastic, but I’m definitely pleased. From my handling/wearing it, it seems just like any other poplin shirt I own, and it has held up fine after a few washings. 

So there you go fellas, a new casual company with goods on the cheap. Not sure if it’s an exact competitor on par with J.Crew, but it’s definitely a viable alternative to some of their stuff. Keep LEC in mind next time your on the hunt for some casual shirts or shorts, and Ill keep you posted on any of their good deals. 

My second purchase from LEC was a suede desert boot- more on this Monday.

Peace out playas,


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