Friday, January 20, 2012

Sneaker Sensation

Just got some new shoes in from Barneys. Yes I am a grown man, but I’m still on a strong sneaker kick. I tend to think they’re acceptable as a knock-around shoe if they’re in a nice canvas or leather. You know, something classy looking but still says, “Hey, I love to party.” It’s a mullet for your body if you dress up the top. 
Available here since I bought the last pair at Barneys
These shoes are definitely fresh to death. Light brown canvas with white sole and green trim accent. Also the mids are a good middle-ground  (excuse the pun) if you aren’t ready for high tops. I don’t really care what people say, I’m rocking these like I’m Run DMC. And they were only $30.

Sidenote: Barney's is a LEGIT place to shop online. They ship for free and since their store is in NYC, there's no sales tax (unless you live in NY).

I recently paired them with this shirt and some dark jeans. The color scheme would normally be pretty loud, but it’s down-played by the almost pastel-like wash, and the heavier cotton is a warm, sweater-alternative (almost like flannel):
J. Crew
Again J. Crew. I won't apologize, it's a solid place to shop.

These sneakers add a youthful and almost urban quality to an outfit. I was inspired by “How to Make it in America,” which HBO is STUPID for canceling. That show was the cat’s ass. 

Whether or not this is your personal style, again the trend is to make the look work. Balance the vibrant and youthful shoes with something a little more serious upstairs (These shoes could be paired with an OCBD or tipped polo, which are still going strong on into the spring). Another important point is to balance the colors. The shirt is light, the pants are dark, the shoes are neutral.

This is Fred Perry, NOT Chaps. The logos are similar but there is a big, big difference. 

If there was a fashion bible, its #1 mantra would be balance. It’s okay to rock sneaks, but don’t make it look like you’re going to middle school. You’re an adult for God’s sake. 
Verdict- confident purchase. And on sale? What a steal!
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