Thursday, January 12, 2012

Badass Boots

Snow fall in the midwest= you’re going to need a quality pair of boots. I inherited these from my late grandfather about two years ago and have been wearing them ever since.

They’re vintage (no idea what brand) and well-worn, which is a great, rugged look for brutally cold days. When you step inside, you look and feel like you can kick someone's ass. They’re also waterproof and have a chunky rubber sole, so they stand up well in the elements and are actually useful. 

Style tip: functionality should match fashion. Don’t buy something you’d never use or wear, but also buy something that looks good. These boots are too worn in to wear to the office, but I’ve still gotten laid in them. And these were free. 
Red Wing makes a great classic here 

while Florsheim is a guaranteed go-to for brogues. I’m a big fan of the wingtip trend that’s resurged in the past year. Rock these with confidence and you’ll be rocking someone’s world later that night. 

GQ also recently featured a small spread of black boots. I’d recommend first time buyers going with brown since it’s more versatile. Remember, black with black or gray. Brown with everything but black. And I only wear black to funerals or parties anyway. 

Once you’re wallet has bounced back, you can spring for a black pair. Here is a guide to properly buying shoes. Don’t be afraid to run around in them before leaving the store.

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