Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scarf It Down

I apologize in advance for the picture quality. I'm currently working on upgrading my camera capabilities, but as it stands my $0-a-month income makes it hard to splurge on the niceties. Hence the importance of shopping well, making good purchases, finding good deals, etc. Plus, they don't accept food stamps at Best Buy. 
This winter has been unseasonably warm. That's a good thing for multiple reasons, one being that potential outfit possibilities are limitless. Layering is key (more on this as we head into spring), but generally the weather has afforded the ability to mix and match fabrics and garments. That being said, quick lesson on scarves.
Scarves are under-used and under-appreciated, especially by guys. Maybe they think they're too feminine looking. I assure you, they're not, and most girls appreciate a guy who chooses to stand out and wear one. I got complimented today on mine, with an added, "You're the best dressed guy here." If you can't take pride in your own appearance, don’t leave the house.
Scarves also do a suprisingly good job of keeping you warm because they trap heat in your neck/head, where a lot of heat can be lost. I wore this ribbed knit one today with only a waxed cotton windbreaker and survived 25 degrees and wind easily. 
This scarf is long (longer than me). Tying a scarf knot can be approached as you would tie your shoes. You want a good knot size to protect you neck, but not something crazy big. And you still want some scarf left hanging.

Long scarves work best with a pulled-through knot because a good knot can be made with sufficient fabric left to hang down. You simply fold the scarf in half, then take the two free ends and pull them through the looped end. Knot too hard! 
For shorter scarves, I'd recommend a simple knot like the one pictured here using this vintage Burberry (tied like you would start a knot on your shoes):

Or you can go with a casual wrap-around. As the name implies, you just wrap it around your neck one or two times. I prefer the wrap-around because I generally find a knot like the one above hard to deal with. But it's ultimately personal preference.

First-time buyers should stick to neutral colors like browns and grays because they work well with almost anything (shopping well can stretch even the thinnest of budgets). 
Fabric is more of a personal choice. I've got scarves in cotton, wool, and cashmere, and I generally choose between them based on the temperature outside. As always though, balance your colors and fabrics. If you're wearing a gray cotton cardigan, don't also wear a gray cotton scarf. Mix things up! Just make sure it's not too crazy. A scarf is a good place to accent your look, but it should either compliment/play off the rest of the colors in your outfit, or stand alone on its own. 
Style tip: The feng shui of fashion is to achieve balance with accents. I'll discuss more in an upcoming post.
A lot of places are having massive sales to get rid of fall/winter stuff in order to make way for spring collections. Berg & Berg has 40% off their fall/winter collection, while Barney's has 75% off select designer wear. It's a buyer's market for winter clothes, but as always, buy smart. 
More news as it develops,

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