Monday, June 4, 2012

What Not to Wear vol. 7

Nothing screams, “I’m a 40-year-old dad who might run to Home Depot after my kid’s tee-ball game,” than sunglasses like these. It’s another menswear product whose true use and purpose I don’t really understand. I mean sure, I guess it makes sense if you’re a baseball player engaged in an actual baseball game. Outside of that though, they’re are certainly plenty of stylish and inexpensive options for sunglasses. 

Photo from Oakley

So instead of the wraparound BrOakleys, check out the options below:
Ray-Ban is a solid option. Quality company at a good price point. Their Aviators and Wayfarers have been around almost as long as sunglasses themselves (maybe?), they look good on damn near anyone and they’re always in style. Try the Clubmaster for a little more “60s formal.”

Ray-Ban Aviator, from Sunglass Hut- $145

Ray-Ban Wayfarer, from Sunglass Hut- $150
Ray-Ban Clubmaster, from Sunglass Hut- $145

Mosley Tribes- These are the sunglasses I currently rock, and you’re more than welcome to jack my swag. I like them because they’ve got a similar style to Wayfarers, but they’re different enough to get people asking where you got them. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on them, enough so that when I lost the first pair, I didn’t think twice about ordering another. Notice the keyhole bridge, a nice accent. 

Mosley Tribes Lyndel, from Sunglass Hut- $180

Randolph Engineering- Wanna look like this guy? 

Try out these Aviators from Randolph Engineering.

Randolph Engineering Ad Man Sunglasses, from Randolph Engineering- $170

Or try any one of the 143 options you’ll find at the mall/sunglasses store. Just remember to try them on, in order to see how they look on your face. You want something that fits well and frames your face based on it’s shape. Two more tips? Stay away from anything in white, because you're a man, not a boy on a reality TV show. Also, steer clear of anything resembling this: 

They don’t work. On anyone. And while >$150 may seem like a lot for sunglasses, again consider it an investment. Find something that reflects quality and style, because if you invest smartly now, you won't need to be buying a new pair anytime soon (as long as you don't wear them in the ocean, like I did).

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