Friday, March 2, 2012

Menswear Mantras

First, I apologize for the lull in posts. Class has been hectic, and I've been working on IT stuff to upgrade the blog and hopefully energize your experience. I don't know what that means but it sounded good in my head.
Anyways, here's some stuff to keep you busy until I'm back running at full speed. First, something from Put This On that I’m excited about because it captures exactly the essence of how I feel, and it has a shout out to KC (What up 816?)

You think The Sartorialist or Tommy Ton are planning to shoot in Kansas City any time soon? How about PhillyWilliamsburg, Virgina?* Bloomington, Indiana?
The revolution isn’t over. We just shifted the battlefield.We’re not waiting for you to take our picture. We’re doing it ourselves. And remarkably, you’re still paying attention. 
“Happy to see this. Personally, I’m tired of “street style” that’s about photographs of fashion industry insiders at runway shows and trade shows. That’s just inside-baseball costume shots, and it’s disingenuous to present it as anything else. 
My respect goes to the people who dress well outside the fashion industry, and the photographers who are *actually* on the street, looking for real people who really dress well, not just whoever’s taking a smoke break from the Cucinelli show.” 
And another from Esquire titled "How Street Style is Ruining Your Style." 

"Back when designers claimed to be inspired by the city, there was a different kind of look that caught the eye. Mean Street Style. This man doesn't wear anything conspicuous because he doesn't want to be bothered. Mean Street Style has a no-bullshit utility. Its adherents do not own tweed vests or porkpie hats. Instead: a tough bag, good sunglasses, and solid footwear that helps you dodge the various slow and crazy people in the way. They may not smoke, but look like they are smoking, as effortlessly cool as Debbie Harry in the morning."

As you're taking a cautious step towards entering the menswear world, don't turn it into a goose-stepping stomp behind the fashion dictators of NY. Your style should ultimately be YOUR style. But it should still be good too.

More news as it develops, and some exciting stuff coming,