Monday, March 5, 2012

Wood iPhone Covers from Everlane

It seems like Everlane is always dropping something new and fresh that stands to impress, and again they haven’t failed to disappoint. 
Wood iPhone covers, made from real wood and only $15. How can you complain? I don’t have an iPhone, I’m too poor, but I know that if I do get one, I’d opt for one of these


They’re a damn sight cooler than the rubber prophylactic you’d normally see on an iPhone and they’re the same price, if not cheaper. They’re also substantially cheaper than comparable wood covers, like the >$100 ones here and here.
Everlane is also planning to release some backpacks which look pretty awesome. I’m legitimately interested in upgrading from the geeky backpack I’m currently schlepping to class, so I’ll profile these and let you know more at the end of this week. 

More news as it develops,



  1. おもしろ特集!人気iPhoneが品揃えで、ラインナップ!ここは「iPhone ケース ブランド」専門通販ショップでございます。人を差をつけて、自分の個性を出す、つまり、自分なりのものをずっと探しているあなたには、iPhone ケースに対しても、このようなご要望があるのではないでしょうか。iphone ケース ブランド専門店はこのご要望を答えます。個性的なデザインで知られているヴィヴィアン iphone ケースをおすすめします。絶対のあなたにぴったりな一品を探せます。

  2. Hey.

    I don't speak your language. As far as languages go, I have only a minimal grasp of spanglish. But thanks for the comment and the reader love.

  3. Actually Rocking iPhone Covers. I damaged to love this type of moveable but this is exceptional in color, shape and variety.