Thursday, February 9, 2012

Guest Post at The Bizi Bee

My friend Bizi has let me write a guest post for her blog, The Bizi Bee, detailing a few things guys like to see girls wear. She gave me free reign (which she probably regrets).

 "What do guys like girls to wear? I personally prefer that a girl wear a combination of boyshorts and the shirt I was wearing the night before, and I think most guys would agree. But I realize you girls can’t wear that out on the town, and I also appreciate that you dedicate most of a day to finding that one perfect outfit to step out in and shine. That being said, I can’t really speak to what will impress your girlfriends (which I know is important), but I can tell you some simple things that guys take note of in women (and some things they don’t)..."
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  1. Just wanted to say I loved the post on Bizi's site. Great!