Friday, February 17, 2012

Buy an Everlane shirt. Now.

My Everlane order came in. First, I want to commend their exceptional service. Everlane offers free shipping for 24 hours after first you sign in, but it was still fast. I placed my order on Feb. 11 and it arrived the 15th. I am incredibly impatient and hate having to wait for things to arrive in the mail. The only reason I didn’t get a Russian mail-order bride was because it (she I guess, if we're being formal) would have taken so long to ship. Check out my montage:

Men's V in muted grey

Second, incredible quality. The supima cotton is awesomely soft, and sliding into the shirt for the first time felt like having sex using my whole body. I have some “broken-in” cotton v-necks from J. Crew, and I already prefer the Everlane after just putting it on. It doesn’t hurt that it was only $15 either. 
The muted grey is a lighter, almost more charcoal-infused gray than what you’d typically find in t-shirts. It's kind of like the color of this font. Needless to say, I’m already a big fan of Everlane and I’m excited to see what else their brand has in store.

More news as it develops,



  1. how was it after a wash? my fiance has a plain white vneck from express - the fabric was SO soft, i loved it...but it washed up like crap!

    a peek of chic

  2. Haven't washed it yet. I figure a wash on cold, and tumble dry low should be fine. I'll make a short post though when I do to let people know how it turns out.

    1. It was fine. Cold water wash, air dry if possible, otherwise low in the dryer.