Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The new place to find me is on the Hill

I’m not sure I’ve alerted my readership the people who read this blog to this change in my life, so I figured I’d make a formal post on it. In the past semester, a style blog was started at the University of Kansas called “Style on the Hill.” It began similar to most streetstyle Tumblrs, but has since exploded in both readership and content. There are pictures, videos, editorial pieces, downloadable music, brand partnerships and collabs with local businesses in Lawrence, KS. 

I’ve had the opportunity and the pleasure to write for Style on the Hill, and since then it has become the new place to find my writing. However, I will still post here at Midwest-Dressed, mostly more personal stuff or things that just don’t jive well with Style on the Hill. That being said, I highly recommend checking out Style on the Hill. It’s really cool, and I’m constantly being blown away by the knowledge, creativity, and talent of my co-workers. Some of our impressive stuff below:

Peace out and goodwill towards men,


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