Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Uniqlo Launches Online Site

I know the iPad mini dropped today, and that’s seemingly big news in the corporate/business/Popular Science realm, but in the menswear realm, there was big news as well.

Uniqlo has finally, finally gotten their shit together to offer online service in the US. If you haven’t heard ot Uniqlo, that’s okay, but you should get familiar with it. It’s basically Japan’s answer to the Gap, but from what I’ve heard, it has better quality and tailoring at cheaper prices - just good, quality, affordable basics. I’ve never handled any of their stuff, but I’ve always wanted to. Supposedly it’s pretty legit, but until now they’ve only had stores in NYC and San Francisco, and their online ordering option through a third party was confusing as hell. 

To read more about Uniqlo, its business model, and its product (which is admittedly pretty interesting, and which profiles founder/owner Tadashi Yanai’s plans for the company), check out this article from the NY Mag

To get straight at Uniqlo, which is having a sale to commemorate their launch, click here

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PS - as of writing this, the link to the sale appears to be futzed up. I assume this is because of the onslaught of shoppers who flooded their site today, and I expect they’ll get it under control. But just a heads up.

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