Friday, October 5, 2012

My Grandpa has this jacket in his basement

What is it with camo right now? WWII chic? I don’t really get it, because I personally think it makes you look like one of those crazy militia members that thinks the prez is going to invade the US with NATO’s black helicopters. I mean, I get that some guys dig this stuff. But I’m not one of those guys, mostly because I don’t go paint-balling that much. Fuck, if you’re going to be wearing camo as streetwear, shouldn’t it at least be urban camo? Buy this jacket, and you’ll be the coolest hardest to find guy on the street. Oh, and by the way, MY GRANDPA HAS THIS JACKET IN HIS BASEMENT I SHIT YOU NOT. I’ll give it to you for the steal price of $1000.

Peace out, 


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