Thursday, March 7, 2013

StyleSeek Review Series - Herschel Supply Little America

Missed posting about this last week, but I wrote a product review of Herschel Supply’s Little America backpack as a part of StyleSeek's Review Series (which I've partnered with). It was pretty dope, for the time I had it. Read more at Style on the Hill.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and while no girl is interested in giving me love, it so happens that some people out there are picking up what I’m putting down. As a part of the ongoing StyleSeek Review Series, I will be reviewing items that SOTH received for free. Ball so hard, muthafuckas wanna wine and dine me with menswear swag. For the first installment, I was sent for review the Herschel Supply Little America backpack. I used the backpack for a week on campus, putting it through a multitude of stress tests to determine its quality and durability...Read on here

Also if you've never checked out StyleSeek, you should. In a world where we're constantly bombarded by information (even in the microcosm of #menswear), StleSeek looks to nail it all down in one place. Determine your "StyleDNA" by taking a test to start out, then the site provides you with like-minded blog posts, product reviews, etc. (they even link to sites where you can buy said pieces, which is primo). 


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